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How to Maximize Your Settlement


I’m often asked how an attorney can find the best medical expert to support the highest settlement amount for the client.


One problem with selecting the best medical expert is that many of them don’t have a thorough understanding of all the insurance company systems used to minimize claim amounts. For example some doctors miss the signs and symptoms and do not properly diagnose or treat the patient’s injuries. Furthermore a knowledgeable doctor would use a medical team approach and translate these injuries through precise medical records.  In addition many doctors that treat personal injury do not use state of the art case analysis, documentation and claim maximization software. Not only does this reduce the settlement amount but also sometimes results in the patient not being treated correctly for their injury.


Many attorneys are not keeping up with the insurance companies personal injury claims reduction approaches and for the most part are getting beaten by the system while their clients suffer. They also sometimes overlook comprehensive pre-screening questions when selecting a doctor to help maximize the settlement amount.

Take Away

Here are some tips for picking the best medical expert to help an attorney maximize the settlement. Select a provider who:

  1. Specializes in personal injury treatment and providing adequate documentation to attorneys for claim maximization.
  2. Has access to a wide variety of medical experts on his team to help present a strong and complete case.
  3. Is conveniently located near the home or office of the injured party.

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