Uncovering the Benefits of Functional Physiology Testing

When it comes to your health, it is essential to be proactive. After all, prevention is often the best medicine. At Pain 2 Wellness Center in South Fulton, we understand this and strive to help as many people as possible change, save, and improve their health. We achieve this goal through functional physiology testing. This comprehensive exam examines major organ systems for any deficits that may be present and offers natural therapeutic solutions to restore normal function. Let’s break down what functional physiology testing is and how it can benefit you.

What Is Functional Physiology Testing?
Functional physiology testing uses a combination of advanced laboratory tests to evaluate the functioning of your major organ systems such as the digestive system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, endocrine system (hormones), and more. It looks for imbalances in these systems that may be causing you issues such as fatigue, weight gain/loss, joint pain, headaches or migraines, insomnia or other sleep disturbances, allergies or chronic infections. This test helps us determine if an organ or system needs support or improvement so we can work toward restoring balance in your body.

The Benefits of Functional Physiology Testing
When performed by trained professionals like those at Pain 2 Wellness Center in South Fulton, GA ,functional physiology testing has many benefits. It will uncover any underlying conditions or problems that may be present before they become serious. The earlier you identify these issues, the easier they are to treat with natural therapies such as nutrition counseling and lifestyle modifications which can provide relief from symptoms quickly and effectively without drugs or surgery. Additionally, this type of testing can help diagnose any food allergies you may have which can contribute to fatigue or digestive issues if left untreated. Finally, it provides clarity on what specific nutrients your body needs in order to optimize functioning and well-being so you can make the necessary dietary changes accordingly for maximum benefit!

At Pain 2 Wellness Center we understand how important proper organ function is for optimal health—which is why we use our functional physiology examination for every client who comes through our doors! Thanks to this test we are able to accurately identify any deficits present in your organs systems so that we can offer effective natural therapies that will restore normal functioning quickly and safely without drugs or surgery!

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