Whiplash Injury

Have you been in a car accident and suffering from a whiplash injury?

Pain 2 Wellness Center is here to help. Our team of injury experts can provide quality customer service, evidence-based treatment protocols, and value-based documentation to fully recover after a whiplash injury. We specialize in natural therapies like chiropractic adjustment which can effectively address misalignments, ligament damages, nerve injuries, and even mild traumatic brain injuries caused by accidents at low speeds.

Let us help you get back on your feet! We will guide you through the process of feeling better and achieving maximum healing potential with our personalized treatments that are tailored specifically to your needs. You no longer have to suffer in silence; we are here for you every step of the way.


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Have you recently been in a motor vehicle collision and suffering from whiplash?

Getting proper treatment for your whiplash injury should not be taken lightly as it can cause serious, life-altering damage. Pain 2 Wellness Center specializes in natural therapeutic therapies, such as chiropractic adjustment to help those who have suffered from this type of injury. Our team of experts are trained and experienced in treating these types of injuries quickly, accurately and efficiently.

With our evidence based approach to treatment protocols and value based documentation services, you will get the highest quality care possible all while being supported throughout your entire recovery journey. Get back on your feet faster with our customized treatments programs tailored specifically for each unique patient’s needs.

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