Finding Stillness in Meditation

Being still is an important part of any meditation practice. By quieting the mind and decreasing stimulation, we are able to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and reach a more relaxed state. At Pain 2 Wellness Center, our goal is to help as many people as possible change, save, and improve their ability to be still. Read on for tips on how to achieve stillness during meditation.

The Benefits of Stillness During Meditation
When we can find the stillness in our minds and bodies during meditation, we experience a number of positive physical and mental benefits. On a physical level, being still allows us to relax and let go of stress and tension. This helps reduce muscle tension, headaches, fatigue and even digestive issues. Mentally, it helps us focus better by allowing us to clear our minds of negative thoughts or worries that can cause anxiety or depression. It also increases creativity because we are able to access more ideas when our minds are clear and relaxed. Finally, it improves our emotional intelligence because it allows us to deeply connect with ourselves which leads to greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Tips For Achieving Stillness During Meditation
Achieving stillness isn’t always easy but with practice you will get better at it every time you meditate! Here are some tips that might help:

  1. Start by focusing on your breath – take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth while counting each breath from 1-10 (or higher). Focus all your attention on your breathing until you feel calm and centered in your body.
  2. Allow yourself time for transition – Instead of jumping right into intense meditation sessions start by taking five minutes for yourself before you begin meditating to get rid of distractions like noise or other people around you. This will also give you time for gentle stretching so that you can be comfortable in whatever posture you choose for your session (e.g., sitting cross-legged on the floor or lying down).
  3. Set an intention – Before beginning each session set an intention for what type of energy or emotions you want to cultivate during the session (e.g., joy, peace, calm). This will help keep you focused throughout the entire session rather than getting distracted by outside stimuli or random thoughts that pop into your head throughout the process (which is totally normal!).

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool for achieving mental clarity and relaxation! To truly reap its benefits though requires finding stillness within ourselves which can take some practice but is definitely worth it! If you’re looking for help improving your ability to be still during meditation then Pain 2 Wellness Center can help! Visit their website today or call them directly if you would like more information about their services! With their expertise they can surely put together a program tailored specifically towards helping YOU find stillness during mediation!

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