Ankle Pain

Pain 2 Wellness Center – Knowing When To Seek Treatment for Ankle Pain

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to know the signs of ankle pain and when to seek medical treatment. With the help of Pain 2 Wellness Center’s team of experienced ankle injury experts, you can get back in stride and regain your full range of motion.

What Causes Ankle Pain?
Ankle pain after a motor vehicle collision can be caused by many different things. It could be due to muscle damage, scar tissue, tendon injury, ligament injury or even joint dysfunction. If the pain is severe enough, it can limit one’s ability to perform regular tasks such as walking, working, sleeping, bathing or getting dressed. It’s important to seek treatment immediately if you are experiencing any of these activity deficits.

Diagnosis & Treatment
At Pain 2 Wellness Center our team of experts specialize in diagnosing and treating ankle injuries. We use evidence-based treatment protocols that are tailored specifically to the individual patient’s needs. We strive to provide quality customer service and value-based documentation so that our patients always receive the best possible care available. Our team understands the importance of getting back to a healthy state quickly and efficiently so that our patients can get back on their feet again soon.

Rehabilitation & Recovery
After diagnosis and treatment has been completed, we will then move into rehabilitation and recovery phase which includes physical therapy along with lifestyle modifications such as diet changes, exercise plans and stress management techniques. These treatments are designed to help restore range of motion as well as strengthen muscles around the affected area in order to prevent future injuries from occurring. This comprehensive approach helps ensure that our patients not only recover from their ankle pain but also stay healthy for years to come.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and are suffering from ankle pain it is important to seek professional help right away in order to prevent further complications or long-term damage from occurring. At Pain 2 Wellness Center we understand how debilitating this type of injury can be and we strive to provide quality customer service along with evidence based treatment protocols so that our patients can get back on their feet quickly and safely. Click or call us today at 404-699-0966 for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our expert clinic staff members!

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