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Let Our Family Take Care Of Your Family

Our Services Include:

Private Consultation

One on one meeting with your doctor to discuss, all of your health concerns. We will layout a specific plan for you.

Examination of Your Systems

A systematic review of your  Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, and Nervous Systems.

Detailed Physical Testing

Determines problems with your body organ and/or tissue functions and provide natural solutions.

Expert Natural Therapy

Our Chiropractic Specialists will target and treat specific body parts for immediate relief. Read More

We Will Help You
To Take Control Of Your Life

Stop Suffering:
Feeling bad, poor function, poor performance, and low energy?

Start Living:

Increase Energy, Satisfaction, Pain Free, Peak
Performance, Confidence and On Purpose!

At Pain 2 Wellness Center... We Help You Get Better!

We use our trustworthy expert services to help you reach your wellness goals.

Feel Better

We treat your Bodily Injury, Poor Posture, or Repetitive Injuries which can cause pain, spasm or restriction with natural solutions.

Function Better

We help restore and maintain your Functional Wellness. Help improve Functional Activities of Daily Living with a personal fitness program designed to achieve your desired outcome.

Live Better

Experience a Better Life when we help you reach your Performance, Nutrition, and Wellness  goals.

You Deserve to Live Better!

“For the past 17 years Plain 2 Wellness Center has been helping over 7,000 people in the Metro Atlanta area change, save and improve their lives naturally without the overuse and abuse of drugs or surgery.

Dr Carhee is an injury specialist who has assisted the medical legal community with more than 5,000 cases securing more than $200 million in payouts on behalf of their clients.”


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Our Dedicated Team


Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Winston Carhee

Injury Specialist Who Treats Bodily Injuries Naturally


Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Chantaye Carhee

Nutrition Specialist Who Treats Fibroids Naturally


What Our Patients Say?

We let our Quality Customer Service speak for itself.  Experience the difference!

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