Improving Sleep Through Natural Therapies

Pain 2 Wellness Center, LLC is a natural healthcare provider that specializes in helping people to sleep better using natural therapies. Dr Winston Carhee has identified relationships between sleep posture and non-specific spinal symptoms in adults. Through the use of proper sleep postures, he helps prevent pain and improve his patients’ quality of sleep.

What are Proper Sleep Postures?
Proper sleep postures are positions used during the night that will help you to reduce aches, pains, and other physical discomfort. While sleeping on your back or side may be considered the best way for a person to rest, everyone is different and certain positions could lead to an increase in discomfort due to individual body shapes or medical conditions. That’s why it’s important to work with someone like Dr Carhee who can assess your individual needs and recommend a tailored approach for your lifestyle.

At Pain 2 Wellness Center, LLC we believe that proper sleep postures should promote healthy spinal structure while providing comfort. We understand that not everyone is able to find the perfect position for optimum comfort so we train our clients on how to adjust their posture accordingly while they are sleeping so that they can get the most out of their restful time. Our goal is to enable our patients to get a good night’s rest without experiencing any unnecessary pain or discomfort throughout their slumber.

How Can We Help?
Pain 2 Wellness Center, LLC offers personalized assessment and training services for those who want help improving their overall quality of life through better sleeping habits and improved sleeping postures. Our team works with each patient individually to identify areas where improvement can be made and provide tools they need such as exercises, stretches, breathing techniques and more that will help them live a healthier life by getting better quality rest at night. We also offer advice on step-by-step solutions for addressing non-specific spinal pain related issues including posture correction strategies as well as nutrition counseling when needed. By working with us you will know that you have done everything possible in order to improve your quality of life!

Pain 2 Wellness Center LLC is dedicated to helping clients achieve their optimal health by improving their sleep habits through natural therapies such as proper sleep postures and posture correction strategies. We strive to provide our clients with an individualized assessment so we can give them the best advice on how they can improve their overall health through better sleeping habits and improved sleeping postures resulting in improved quality of life! If you’re looking for help finding relief from pain or just want better quality of life then contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!


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