Dr Carhee has developed a personal health training program just for you!

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Nutrition and Wellness -Weight Loss Program includes:

Nutrition & Supplement

Phase- 1

7-Day Detoxification Program (includes detailed diet plan)


21-Day Purification Program (includes detailed diet plan)

Phase- 3

30-Day System Support Supplementation (detailed diet plan included)


30-Day Multi-vitamins


Exercise Program Includes:

Phase 1 – Exercise Protocol

Definition: time of period immediately after starting to regain activity during which movement and range of motion may be limited or sup-optimal.

Objective: to increase pain free range of motion to normal or acceptable levels. Working on form and function during weight bearing activities

Phase 2 – Exercise Protocol

Definition: time during which more vigorous therapeutic exercise can be used to facilitate function and improve performance.

Objective: achieve optimal level of flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance

Phase 3 – Exercise Protocol

Definition: time to focus on balance and coordination which improve dynamic movement patterns.

Objective: achieve optimal performance and movement patterns


Office Visits are at the begining of each Phase.


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